Commercial Air & Heating Systems

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Heating and cooling a commercial building is a bit like trying to heat and cool a large home -- with multiple points of entry and exit opening unpredictably, and the desire to have climate control in multiple locations throughout. Whether you're looking for commercial system repair or ongoing service and maintenance, ACR Mechanical stands above the rest for unparalleled quality in commercial products and services.



Industrial HVAC has a lot of variables, which includes everything from VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) to Computer Controls. ACR Mechanical will service Large-scale Refrigeration Systems with unique application (Food Processing Plants, Ice Skating Rinks, and Beverage Processing Plants). We respond quickly to service your industrial equipment to prevent down-time, which could result in product loss and can create massive expenses for the customer.


Commercial HVAC Services:

Large Commercial Industrial Refrigeration
Roof Top Package Units            Heat Pumps                                                Air Handles
Evaporative Coolers                   Exhaust Fans                                              Pumps and Pumping Systems
Make Up Air Systems                 Variable Air Volume System                      2 and 4 Water Piping Systems
Full Maintenance Agreement    EMS (Energy Management System)       Condenser Water Systems
Compressors                               Chillers                                                        Cooling Towers
Water Treatment                           CT Filtration Systems                                Control Retrofits
Chilled Water Systems                Preventive Maintenance Agreements



• Data Center Cooling Systems
• Critical Data Center Solutions
• Server and Computer Room Cooling

ACR Mechanical provides HVAC solutions in critical environment and data center cooling to protect the mechanical and climate infrastructure for maintaining a reliable, efficient mechanical system. Our highly-skilled technicians are experienced in maintaining computer room air conditioning units and other critical equipment with temperature sensitive environments for uptime performance improvement. 

with the experienced team at ACR Mechanical, our consultants and mechanical staff will work together to ensure your cost efficient project is completed in a timely manner with limited downtime.

-Reliable, quality solutions for all brands of CRAC & CRAH Systems
-Precision cooling and infrastructure management systems for main-frame computer, server racks and critical process systems
- Precision cooling solutions designed to protect mission-critical IT applications




Cell Sites (Cell phone towers) – HVAC Installing, Servicing, and Maintaining Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

There are many tower cells and they all need some sort of HVAC system to protect their mission critical IT equipment.  All equipment located at cell site generates heat and requires cooling and ventilating.  ACR Mechanical will take care of your operational and maintenance services.  We are your single-source provider for your Cell Site needs.



Water Treatment Services:

A cooling tower is an efficient way to effectively cool and heat your indoor environment.  Regardless of which type of cooling tower, protection against corrosion is necessary.   Your cooling system can affect how your boiler, chiller, cooling tower, and pumps operate.  If your equipment is not working properly, our technicians can review your current set up, diagnose, and treat the problem.

cooling tower



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We can design, install, maintain and service mechanical systems for:

Hotels and Hospitality
Theaters, Auditoriums
Convention Centers
Hospitals, Clinics, Heath Care
Senior Centers
Data Centers
Clean Rooms
Manufacturing Facilities
Food Processing Plants
Apartment Buildings
Office Complexes
Government Buildings
Warehouses/Retail Space
Research and Development Projects
Medical and Bio-Tech Applications
Convenience Stores
Restaurants/Fast Food Chains


We also offer the following for the convenience to all of our customers:

HVAC Testing and Analysis
Glycol Testing and Analysis
Laser Alignment (motor)
Full Maintenance Agreements
Preventative Maintenance Agreements
Air Filtration Agreements
Water Filtration Agreements
Tube Testing and Analysis

commercial hvac system

liebert ds internal

• Data Air C.R.A.C. Units
• STULZ Air Conditioners
• Liebert Units
• Air Flow Dynamics
• Building Structure
• Cool shield plenum baffle system
• Cold Aisle Containment - High Flow Supply Floor Tiles
• Environmental Needs
• Green Solution




cell tower












• Cooling tower cleaning
• Filters & Separators
• Maintenance programs
• Water treatment Equipment
• Water Testing
• Treatment Chemicals
• Cooling Tower Rebuild/Replace




We will resolve your water treatment issues:

• Mechanical, operational and chemical requirements
• Improve reliability, effectiveness, and safety of equipment
• Conserve cost and energy

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