Preventative Maintenance
Service Agreements Las Vegas NV

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Preventative Maintenance Service
Agreements Las Vegas, NV


We also provide Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement Contracts for:

•  Predictive Maintenance
•  Equipment Repair
•  Equipment Replacement
•  Building Systems Operation
•  Energy Retrofits
•  Yearly Inspections
•  Yearly Seasonal Inspections
•  Full Contracts
•  Filter Replacemen

ACR Mechanical’s preventative maintenance service agreements involve:

• Program development, Administration, and Monitoring
•  Maintain the efficiency and reliability of all equipment
•  Customer Service reviews
•  Operational tests and inspections
•  Maintenance supplies
•  Maintainable components, parts, and refrigerant replacement
•  Air filter services

Service Agreement options:

• Maintenance of refrigeration, chillers, boilers, cooling towers, compressors, air handlers,
   rooftop  units, airside distribution equipment, and controls
• Inspection and reports
• Seasonal adjustments and preventative maintenance
• Full maintenance: Includes the preventative maintenance plus, service calls
• Predictive maintenance: Includes eddy current test, combustion analysis,
  and vibration analysis
• 24/7 Monitoring

Our Contracts:

• All work performed by highly-skilled experienced technicians.
• Work is completed in a timely manner with consideration to business operations.
•  ACR Mechanical technicians take pride in their performance, reputation, and client retention.

Our Team:

  The dedicated team members in our departments work quickly and efficiently. All calls are handled with the best customer service and each account is customized with specific call-handling instructions with contact information to immediately dispatch the appropriate technician to address the request. We set our standards above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results. Your needs come first therefore, we strive to provide you services that exceed your expectations.

The benefits in using Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements:

• Ensure continuous care by our professional ACR Mechanical employees.
• Minimize downtime
• Reduce repair costs and loss of use
• Reduce building owning and operating expenses
• Know your costs for the term of the agreement
• Reduces energy consumption
• Increase asset life
• Increase the comfort experience of your clients/occupants
• Reduces most Time-and-Material expenses
• Peace-of-mind knowing your operating budget will stay in line over the term of your contract.

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  ACR Mechanical Inc offers Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements for all commercial brands of rooftop units, refrigeration, chillers, boilers, compressors, air-handler, cooling towers, pumps, variable speed drives, controls, and accessories.
  Our service agreements are customized and flexible to meet the budget and operating needs of your facility. Each program can include both preventative maintenance service agreements to keep your equipment running in peak condition, and predictive maintenance services to identify potential problems before costly breakdowns occur.





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